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" data-alt=" Nov 08, 14" data-title="Decibel @ Red Deer - Chatter's Annual Gala">
" data-alt="15 second clip of one of the most beautiful DJ setups offered in BC. Decibel's Dubai Package sets the tone for the dancefloor before the first song is even dropped. Oct 16, 14" data-title="Decibel | Dubai Package With LED Dancefloor"> " data-alt=" Oct 07, 14" data-title="SFU PSA Formal - Nov 7th, 2014"> " data-alt="Highlight video for our wonderful couple Rob & Tina who had their lavish, and at the same time classy, wedding reception of over 800 guests at Fraserview Banquet Hall. DJs 151 & 808 from the Decibel roster took over the dance floor as soon as it opened and were interrupted only by the legendary Premi who was flown in all the way from the UK as a wedding present to Tina. Needless to say he performed his mega hit "Oh Tina Oh Tina" live as the couple and their wonderful guests enjoyed themselves on the dancefloor. Decibel's Miami package was featured at this reception and as you can see in the video, it was hidden behind the bride and groom's decor until the dancefloor opened where the drapes came down to reveal this beautiful setup. Check it out and leave your feedback! Team Decibel. Video Credit for footage & Editing: Alexi Sep 19, 14" data-title="Decibel Entertainment | Rob & Tina | Aug 2014"> " data-alt=" Sep 15, 14" data-title="Decibel Entertainment | Gaven & Rajleen"> " data-alt="Highlight video from Neil & Shveta's wedding reception on May 24th, 2014. Read the detailed blog post on our website: Decibel Entertainment - Music. Innovation. Excellence. Jun 17, 14" data-title="Decibel Entertainment | Neil & Shveta"> " data-alt="Watch 2 days of work summed up into mere seconds! Decibel Entertainment launches Vancouver's most elite DJ package called the Las Vegas Setup. Jun 16, 14" data-title="Vegas Package Timelapse"> " data-alt="The possibilities are endless - we work with the likes of ShowMax who helped us with the amazing lighting show that you see in this video. To inquire about booking any of the lighting or lasers shown here please send us an email or visit May 29, 14" data-title="Decibel Entertainment - Lighting, LED Video Walls & Confetti"> " data-alt="Highlight video from Harry & Raman's wedding reception on May 17th, 2014. Read the detailed blog post on our website: Decibel Entertainment - Music. Innovation. Excellence. May 27, 14" data-title="Decibel Entertainment | Harry & Raman"> " data-alt="Highlight video from Jaskaran & Prabhjot's wedding reception on April 19th, 2014. Read the detailed blog post on our website: Decibel Entertainment - Music. Innovation. Excellence. Apr 26, 14" data-title="Decibel Entertainment | Jaskaran & Prabhjot"> " data-alt="April 19th, 2014 marks the launch of arguably the most elite DJ package in the Vancouver Indian Wedding Market. Decibel Entertainment stepped it up to the next level and are now offering the elite, LAS VEGAS PACKAGE. Inquire today to book the Decibel Las Vegas Package or to upgrade your existing package for this year! Big shout out to our friends at FLS who have worked with us to make this happen! Decibel Entertainment Music. Innovation. Excellence. Apr 19, 14" data-title="Decibel Entertainment - Las Vegas Package"> " data-alt=" Apr 02, 14" data-title="DJ Gary - Decibel Entertainment"> " data-alt="Highlight video from Hardeep & Preity's wedding reception on March 22nd, 2014. Read the detailed blog post on our website: Decibel Entertainment - Music. Innovation. Excellence. Mar 28, 14" data-title="Decibel Entertainment - Hardeep & Preity"> " data-alt="With March 9th came our first wedding reception of 2014, and the unofficial beginning of wedding season for Decibel Entertainment. Kern and Harmeet, the lovely couple, celebrated their wedding reception at Royal King Banquet Hall. The décor was beautiful and elegant, the hall was full and the DJ’s for the night, Khanvict, Gary, and Jas, eagerly awaited the start of the dancing. The usual reception agenda was applicable today, the MC introduced the family, the speeches were heartfelt, the slideshow brought embarrassment, but the entertainment was unique. The entertainment consisted of dragon dancers, and to make even more unique, they danced to Gangnam Style! It really was a different and entertaining experience for all in the crowd. Once the dancing began, DJ Khanvict opened the dancefloor, and the list of songs left to be played dwindled quickly. As the night progressed, and the party was coming to a close, only the close family remained; the bride and groom exited to Chaiya Chaiya and Backstreet Boys and reluctantly the guests went home, and the party concluded. The crowd was great, the music was stellar, wedding season began with a bang, and we look to extend the energy from this reception to the next and throughout the summer. Mar 18, 14" data-title="The Decibel Blog | Kern & Harmeet"> " data-alt="Things get very competitive at Decibel's renowned Boys vs. Girls dance-offs at every wedding reception. From uncles vs aunties, bridesmaids vs groomsmen and the bride vs groom themselves, we make sure we get every one involved and settle some bragging rights! Jan 26, 14" data-title="Wedding Dance-offs!"> " data-alt="We offer fun add-ons such as Confetti Canons and Cryojets! Wondering what cryojets are? Check out this video. Cryojets are launched at the beat drop and create an amazing effect with cloud like fog that covers the floor. Bookings & Inquiries: Jan 24, 14" data-title="Decibel Cryojets Launch"> " data-alt="This video is a compilation of a few Harlem Shakes that we have conducted at receptions! We are big on crowd interactive entertainment and the Harlem Shake is one of the most popular parts of every wedding reception dance-floor. We urge our clients and friends to bring props (masks, light up foam sticks etc.) for the Harlem Shake as it makes for some amazing video footage and more importantly, because its a lot of fun! Bookings & Inquiries: Jan 24, 14" data-title="Wedding Harlem Shakes"> " data-alt="DJ Khanvict from Decibel Entertainment has now established himself as the top South Asian/Fusion wedding DJ on the west coast, as confirmed by several industry professionals and credible client feedback. He won the Best DJ Award for 2013 at the South Asian Wedding Awards and has performed alongside several heavyweights in the South Asian music industry including Jassi Sidhu, Jas Dhami, Jazzy B, H Dhami, Manni Sandhu, RDB, Nindy Kaur, Sardara Gill, Sukshinder Shinda, Angrej Ali, Aman Hayer, Manak E, Gippy Grewal and PropheC, to name a few. DJ Khanvict has been by far one of the most booked live wedding DJs in all of Vancouver for the year 2013 with almost no weekends off in the entire year. He has also been the most featured DJ at fusion club events including after parties for the Times of India Film Awards. Khanvict has rocked wedding receptions with attendance in the thousands and massive parties at banquet halls, outdoor venues, exotic destinations, high-end hotels, boat cruises, clubs, and concerts. His ability to mix between a diverse range of music genres such as Bhangra, Hindi, House, R&B, Hip Hop and Top 40 has seen him earn nothing but rave reviews from clients all over Canada. Integral to the success of a critically acclaimed wedding DJ is their mic presence, an area where DJ Khanvict especially excels. Elevating his MC skills with an unprecedented display of crowd interaction through dance-offs and the trademark Khanvict Harlem Shake, several clients claim his sense of humour and composure alone are enough to entertain a crowd. DJ Khanvict is exclusively available through Decibel Entertainment; a Vancouver based DJ Services and Event Production company. To book Khanvict for your special event, please email: Dec 07, 13" data-title="DJ Khanvict | Decibel Entertainment | 2013 Promo"> " data-alt="Decibel Entertainment performed at this lavish wedding reception of Amar & Aman in 2013. An amazing couple and an extremely energetic crowd were treated to our trademark interactive entertainment and our DJs kept that dance-floor packed all night. Here's a professionally edited video of the Harlem Shake from this wedding reception! To book Decibel for your special event inquire at: Credits: Video: Brellow ( Mix: DJ Khanvict DJs at the event: Khanvict, Jas & Upptown Venue: Fraserview Banquet Hall Photographer: Deo Studios ( Dec 05, 13" data-title="Decibel Entertainment | Harlem Shake">
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